BBQ & Grill

BBQ & Grill

A BBQ party is the quintessential American celebration that brings together families and friends for great food and good times. Emile Henry has created the first collection of cookware produced specifically for the “BBQ experience”.

The new flameware works “with-the-grill” taking advantage of the flames searing capabilities and at the same time evening out hot spots and preventing food from dropping through the grate.

The naturally nonstick, glazed ceramic, cleans up with soap and water and can also be put in the dishwasher.

The BBQ range is handcrafted and made in France. Each piece is colorful and graceful and offers unique serving features such a lug handles and pouring spouts unlike most BBQ cooking vessels that look like they belong in a garage.

Emile Henry BBQ flameware is designed for searing meats and kebobs; grilling vegetables, summer salads, pizza and fish; simmering beans and heating sauces.