It’s back…The Great British Bake Off, Series 4.


We love this show at the The Homewares Company and guess what we even stock some of the items you see on screen. Take the Cake tin in the top left corner on the title screen, a really nice vintage storage box for cakes and biscuits.


Welcome back Paul, Mel Sue and the lovely Mary. We can’t believe this is now in the 4th series and it still works. Paul and Mary are a real baking combo. Who knows what kind of treats we have in stock this season.

In the picture above we can see the whole team being photographed outside. At The Homewares Company we always like to do a bit of product spotting. A few items we stock include the UTENSILS pot. Which is really nice and fits in with the vintage style. Also spotted at the original Kilner Jars and just by Paul we see some of the original Mason Cash bowls.

We have a huge selection of these earthenware bowls in fact we might even have the entire collection of this classic.

We can’t spot the unit they are standing behind but it looks fantastic. As ever the field in the background looks beautiful.


Here we see Paul and Mary sitting down for some tea and english muffins, We love the Hen in the back, guess what it’s storage for eggs and yes you guessed it you can buy it at The Homewares Company. The table cloth looks amazing but we think you might need a big kitchen/dining room to fit the table in. Definitely not in London.

They have the required GREAT BRITIAN bunting hanging in the background, very patriotic and a lovely vintage butter dish on the table. Were sure the butter is kept at room temperature for a nice and easy spread on the muffins.

They also have some lovely tea pots on display in the top right. We do keep a selection of these on the site. The most popular we find are the Tea for One pots. Tea pot ontop with a nice big cup underneath.


Nice softones in the Bakeoff Kitchen. Reminds us of Home Economics at school. In fact if it was this nice we would have paid more attention during apple crumble time.



And to finish off….. The winner, Kimberley’s Peace Bread with Garlic and Zaatar, we loved the look of the Iranian rose petals. Someone please invent smellovision quick!!!