By the time you come to choosing mirrors for your home, you've done the hard graft and now it's all about finishing touches. A wall mounted mirror can be a great addition, and is an interior designer's favourite trick for making a room look bigger than it actually is. By reflecting the available light back into the room, you create an illusion of space without adding another inch.

They work as well on narrow walls as well as on great expanses, just choose a shape to fit. Long, stretched mirrors can look great in alcoves or on smaller walls, and bounce light back into your space.

This trick works in all rooms, but can be particularly effective in the bathroom, traditionally the smallest room in the house. Bathroom mirrors especially but fulfill a functional role as well as an aesthetic one, so be bold and go large over the basin.

Rectangular mirrors can be quite traditional, but if you already have plenty of straight lines, you might prefer a round mirror. There can look particularly impressive in bathrooms where people regularly opt for a nautical or beach theme, and could tie in as a porthole!

Whatever shape you choose, your mirror can be used to continue a pattern or motif shape used elsewhere in the scheme.

Our range of mirrors includes some of the innovative Simplehuman products, that are so clever you'll wonder how you managed without them. The sensor mirror lights up as your face approaches, and its lighting system simulates natural daylight - perfect for putting on your make-up. It's cordless, and has a magnification of 5x, so perfect for precision work in the bathroom, and can be charged using the USB cable and adapter.

Another brilliant example of Simplehuman genius are the fogless shower mirrors. They come with wall mounts to attach to the wall of your shower, and the clever ball and joint mechanism allows you to angle the mirror however you need to, in the shower, and the technology gives you a fog-free reflection. It even comes with a storage hook for your loofah or razor!

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