Soap Pumps

Soap pumps can really add great design chic to your bathroom. Not only are they highly functional, but today's modern ranges also look incredible and can transport your regular handwash to high-end hotel chic in an instant.

There are even options that will allow you to save money, by turning your regular handwash into an economic foam for a lovely bubbly wash and more economic use. Whether you are looking for high end designer style or an incredibly functional dispensing unit with modern credentials, we have something to suit.

Different types of soap dispenser

A wall mounted soap dispenser is a great addition to a small and compact bathroom or to a shower. Rather than attempting to use a slippery sided bottle when your hands are wet, you simply press the automatic soap dispenser and the right amount of soap is instantly delivered into your hands - no mess and no waste! Automatic soap dispensers work along similar lines and there are even incredible modern touch free versions, which allow you to keep the stainless steel or brushed chrome finish clean and smear-free. Perfect for that clean and chic bathroom you've always craved.

Leading brands

We provide a wide range of high end and designer soap dispenser pump options from leading brands such as urban interior designers, Simplehuman. You'll find an incredible range of inspiring soap pumps, either for your own home or for a well chosen gift for style loving friends and family!

Our current range includes colour-cap sensor soap dispensers and chic modern brushed steel finishes, compact square pump action models, precision push models and also multi and standalone wall-mounted dispensers. The former product allows you to dispense more than just soap. You can also decant your shampoo and conditioner into the three inverted bottle dispensers and free up valuable space around your bath.

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