Toilet Brushes

Considering the job they have to do, toilet brushes have come a long way over the years in terms of design, aesthetics and efficiency. Let's face it, no-one would have one on display in the bathroom through choice if they weren't a daily necessity, but since you do need one, make sure it is discreet or even stylish, if it will be more visible.

Our range features the innovative Simplehuman products, designed to make your life easier. You might find it difficult to get excited by a toilet brush, but these might just change your mind!

The standard brush is in fact anything but. It has an elegant domed cover to house the brush conveniently when it's not in use, which means discretion is maintained, but also that it's hygienic. Should you want to move the brush and holder, the clever magnetic collar for the brush keeps the two together so that there are no drips or leaks when you lift brush. It also comes with a five year guarantee.

The slim brush is intended for those looking to store their brush out of sight, but nevertheless easily reachable. The toilet brush holder keeps the bristles tidied away. To use, just lift the handle and the brush is released by an integral pivot on the door base. It does not take up much space so it is perfect for a small downstairs cloakroom.

All the brushes come with stiff bristles to enable you to scrub tough stains. We also stock single removable heads. If all you need is a replacement toilet brush head, rather than the full unit, we can help.

Unlike many brushes currently on the market, the Simplehuman products incorporate a unique curved shape designed to help you get under the rim or reach other difficult to get to spots easily. It all helps keep your toilet as clean as possible, and after all, that's the point!

Our colour choices are black or white. They complement any decor without being dominant. There are sure to be other features in your bathroom that you will want to draw attention to more.