Compost Bins

Increasing numbers of people look to recycle their household waste into rich compost for their garden plants. Yet kitchen compost bins used to be something of an eyesore, with the pungent odour released tainting the kitchen and spreading through the home. We stock a range of indoor compost bins for the home from market leading names, all designed to be stylish additions to the modern kitchen whilst being practical and efficient too. From Kilner, Typhoon and SimpleHuman compost bins can become an invisible part of the daily routine.

Before buying a compost bin, consider a few factors. Appearance is a priority, as these appliances are usually left on a countertop in plain view and thus need to be co-ordinated to the rest of the decor wherever possible. Secondly, capacity and size is the other main factor. It can be difficult to estimate a family’s compostable waste production, yet this will help to determine the size of compost bin required. The balance can be found between a compost bin which is large enough to not need emptying every day, yet not so large as to be unwieldy and inconvenient. Before making the purchase, perhaps spend a few days assessing how much waste is produced in the household. Our compost bins are available in a range of different sizes to suit most people’s needs.

Finally, think about its design. The compost pail needs to be easy to clean, with some models being dishwasher-safe. For some people, this means a preference for bins without hard corners, preventing the build up of waste in these hard to reach areas. A handle to the top will make it much easier to move the compost bin from the kitchen to the garden, being firmly attached and sturdy. The best modern compost bins for the home are now also designed with a filter system, usually made of charcoal or carbon, which prevents the spread of gaseous odours into the kitchen and beyond. Fitting tightly in the device, these are changed on a semi-regular basis in order to make the compost bin more hygienic and allowing for proper air ventilation. Compost bins need to have this flow of controlled air to create the right conditions for making perfect compost from kitchen scraps.

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