Recycling Bins

Recycling is something that is increasingly important in the modern world, which is why it is essential to make the process as easy as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to integrate the separation of waste into the normal household routine. Kitchen recycling bins are designed to seamlessly blend into the kitchen like a normal bin, but with a secret inside: two or more individual compartments for the efficient and simple sorting of different waste types. Each compartment can be lined with its own waste bag or sack, meaning they can be emptied independently to reflect the different fill rates of the varying materials. When teaching the family to recycle, having equipment like this to clearly show how to proceed can make all the difference.

One of the leading brands which we stock, a SimpleHuman recycling bin is designed to match the kitchen without drawing attention to itself. Available in a range of colours and configurations, with compartments aligned either horizontally or vertically and using butterfly split lids, Simple Human products are designed for the modern household. Sizes vary too, making it easy to find the best bin for each person’s needs. A single man or couple might be satisfied with a 30 litre receptacle, where the larger families would be better suited to having a much larger sized recycling bin for home use. Aluminium outer shells are both stylish and practical, being easy to clean and repellent to staining, plus a surface which can be wiped with antibacterial cleansers for the most hygienic effect. In steel colour or black tones, this too offers freedom of choice.

Alternatively, some people prefer to use the more traditional style recycling bags or sacks. These are large plastic canvas sacks which are clearly marked as being for paper, glass, or other recyclable materials. The set is designed to offer clear visual clues as to which materials need to be disposed of in which places, with carry handles and strengthened base plates making it simple to transfer the contents into exterior bins at the end of each day or week.