Sensor Bins

Throwing out food waste and other kitchen rubbish is never going to be anyone's favourite task but there is a way to turn this unpleasant household chore into a slightly more pleasant experience. The main reason why people don't like dealing with kitchen bins and kitchen rubbish is because many people worry about the hygiene implications of touching their kitchen bin when disposing of food and other waste. The answer to this problem could lie in a bin which you never need to touch. The simplehuman sensor bin includes clever technology which allows you open the lid of the bin to throw away items, without ever having to touch the bin itself.

The simplehuman sensor bin is an intelligent kitchen bin which uses multi sense technology. The technology it uses is unique to this particular product and what this means is that it is possible to open the lid of the bin by simply waving your hand in front of the special sensor that is fixed to the rim around the bin lid. The technology means that whatever the angle of your hand when you wave it in front of the sensor, the automatic lid bin will open. Additionally, the technology which is cleverly incorporated into the bin, means that it can monitor your patterns of behaviour so it will not close before you have finished what you are doing. You will also find that it is also unlikely to open when you do not want it to, if you happen to wave your hand in front of the sensor by accident.

Sensor bins are made of stainless steel and are available with the convenience of either a 40 litre or 55 litre capacity making them convenient for families or larger households who will not have to empty the bin as often when it gets full. The bin is rectangular in shape meaning it will fit into most corners or spaces making it unobtrusive and meaning that it will not be in the way in your kitchen. Additionally you can also purchase liners that perfectly fit into either size of bin which makes them easier to empty and dispose of all the accumulated rubbish.

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