Home gardening has never been easier with the range of practical and stylish tools and accessories on offer.

There is a huge variety of gardening equipment to suit every budget and every taste and Burgon & Ball products can make a welcome addition to any garden shed.

Get your seeds in order with a stylish seed packets organiser in petrol blue, complete with monthly dividers, pencils and storage envelopes. Then plant into one of three untreated pine seed trays, available in a set, which will not contaminate the soil and have slats for drainage. Use a potting riddle to make sure that your soil is prepared to give your seeds the best start possible and a dibblet, made from beech that has not been treated and has 1cm graduations, for accuracy. With a height of 7cm and a diameter at the base of 20cm, the Burgon & Ball riddle is just right for planting into trays.

When the seedlings are ready to move, the company has a Royal Horticultural Society approved 33cm long widger to help with the job. This unique tool also has many other uses including planting seeds and bulbs and loosening the contents of pots for re-planting.

At planting out time, prevent wear on your knees with stylish and protective knee pads from the gardening accessories range, in either a Poppy red colour or a eucalyptus green.

The waterproof, wipe-clean Kneelo pads feature memory foam for comfort and a deep layer of EVA foam to absorb shocks. The lightweight single Kneelo pad is a generous 50cm long and 26cm wide and also boasts the same comfort features. Of course, it is perfect for gardening but you could also take it on picnics, to sporting events or festivals. It even has a handy carrying handle.

When it is time to harvest, the Burgon & Ball apple picker, with its cushioned liner to help stop bruising, can help you get your hands on that hard to reach fruit, while the asparagus knife makes cutting the crop easy with a sharpened and serrated blade.

Throughout the year, make sure that your garden is as much of a haven for birds as it is for you, with an easy-to-use bird feed tin with a secure lid and an aluminium scoop, in either a powder-coated, stylish petrol blue or white. The birds will also help to control pests such as slugs and snails.