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Interest in gardening and all things green fingered has really taken off in recent years. In addition to the more serious gardeners, more and more of us are getting involved with planting and growing.

Whether it's flowers in a window box, some bags of vegetables on a balcony or a full-fledged garden, we all need somewhere to keep our gardening bits and bobs.

Just as you would organise things inside the home, so you need to keep your gardening paraphernalia organised and tidy.

Plastic garden equipment boxes are great for keeping things dry but still accessible. A clear plastic box will allow you to easily see what's inside.

Wooden garden equipment boxes are a stylish addition to any garden shed and add a rustic and contemporary feel.

Looking after wildlife often goes hand-in-hand with gardening. After all your garden is likely to be home to many creatures, some more welcome that others. Visitors we are all happy to see however are the feathered variety.

Birds can be drawn to gardens due to the food they will find naturally, but you can encourage them to come by putting out bird feeders.

Store your bird food in a stylish bird feed tin by Burgon & Ball. Choose from elegant jersey cream or petrol blue. Each tin comes with a handy scoop and the tight fitting lid keeps the contents fresh and dry as well as protecting them from unwelcome visitors such as mice.

In addition to the joy of seeing birds in your garden you get the added bonus of their help with pest and slug control.

If you are growing plants from seed then you will need garden storage boxes to to keep your seeds dark and dry. The Burgon and Ball seed packet organiser lets you arrange your seeds according to planting month. In petrol blue, it comes with monthly dividers, wooden pencils and five seed storage envelopes.

The Burgon & Ball wooden seed tray set makes a great first home for your seedlings and is great for getting them started. It's made from plain, untreated pine to make sure there is no contamination, and it's slatted to enable good drainage.

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