When it comes to buying home and garden tools there's no shortage of choice on offer. However, if you're looking for garden tools the Burgon and Ball range offers a good selection from a company that's been making tools since 1790. It has a mix of traditional gardening tools and modern innovations all made from quality materials.

For example, the Burgon and Ball potting riddle has a plywood rim and 4mm mesh, and at 20cm diameter it's the ideal size for planting seeds into trays and will make sure your plants get off to the best start with finely graded compost. Team this with the traditional beech wood dibblet which allows you to plant seeds and small plants accurately thanks to its 1cm interval depth markings.

For deeper planting or for taking plants out of pots, the Burgon and Ball widger is a clever cross between a dibber and a trowel. Its shaped metal blade and wooden handle allow for accurate use and it's endorsed by the RHS too.

If you grow fruit you'll know how tricky it can be to harvest safely, especially from higher branches. The Burgon and Ball apple picker solves the problem, with a wire cage mounted on a 146cm pole. The cage has a cushioned foam liner so you won't risk bruising your fruit. It's faster and much safer than using a ladder. It's not just for apples either, you can use it to pick your pears and plums too.

Asparagus can be tricky to harvest and there are tow methods of doing it. The Burgon and Ball asparagus knife is a clever tool that works for both. It has a serrated blade which can be used to cut through the stem beneath the soil's surface. There's also a sharpened tip for slicing into the spear. Made from carbon steel to ensure long life and to stay sharp, it has a handle that's hard wood and a leather hanging thong. It also comes with a sleeve to protect the blade when it's not in use.

If you're serious about your gardening tools you should find something in the Burgon and Ball range that will suit your needs and serve you well for many years.

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