Decorative Accessories

The finishing touches to a room are the little things that make it feel like home. The photographs, the ornaments and the little nick nacks that put a person's personal touches on a blank canvas. The Homewares Company offer a range of home decorative accessories to make that room look complete. Styling is a matter of personal taste and no two rooms should be identical so let your personality come to the fore when choosing those finishing touches.

The range of Present Time Gifts and Accessories include a silver photo frame that allows the inclusion of six photos. Constructed from quality stainless steel you can keep all your precious memories in one place. The frame can be wall mounted and has a matt finish. The frame makes an ideal gift for special occasions such as weddings and births, or can be used as a keepsake memento of your own family. Sturdy but smart the silver colour will fit most decor schemes.

Every home has books, and what better way to keep them neat and tidy than with the Present Time Bookends. This is another of the range of stylish accessories that are offered by present time and is attractive as well as functional. The accessory is actually constructed from the two words Book and End and is spray painted silver making it a match for the wall mounted photo frame.

To complete the set of stylish home decorative accessories why not add the Present Time Metal Typographic Key Box in white and chrome. Wall mounted it provides the perfect place for storing keys while offering a stylish and contemporary look. The word KEYS is embossed in white on a chrome background and is ideal for the smaller home, such as a flat where space is at a premium. It would also make an ideal gift for a teenager.

Present Time offer a range of funky designs for household must have's and make ideal gifts for those setting up a home or renovating an old one. The company mission is to add a fun and personal touch to the home and while the products are useful they are created with the form and design in mind foremost, so the look comes first the functionality comes second.

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