Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery Boxes

If you have ever struggled with where and how to store your jewellery then stackers jewellery boxes could be just the thing you need. The boxes work by stacking on top of one another so you can have as many or as few as you need. In addition, they all have a differently designed interior making them suitable for all your different jewellery items.

The jewellery boxes are all available in several colour combinations including cream and purple, chocolate brown and a bright colour (either pink, green or blue), duck egg blue and polka dot or dusky pink and polka dot. This means that there should be a style and colour to suit all tastes and this also allows you to take a 'mix and match' approach to the boxes you choose. All the boxes feature a cotton lining.

The lidded stacker is a box with several compartments, meaning it is suitable for rings, chains and other items and it also features a lid to cover the jewellery tray. The fact that it has a lid makes it ideal for using to transport jewellery as you travel. If you are using this at home then as it is the lidded box, this can act as the 'top box' with any others you need, stacked underneath. The deep 3 section stacker includes 3 large sections which are suitable for larger items of jewellery, while by contrast, the 25 section stacker is more suited to smaller items such as body jewellery, rings and earrings. There is a stacker that has been specifically designed for rings and bracelets which features three compartments as well as a section specifically for holding rings, while the deep open stacker contains just one large compartment which can then be tailored to suit you and your jewellery collection.

If you are looking for items to complement your jewellery stacker then there is a caddy available in the cream and purple colour combination which features several sections and would also be suitable for storing items such as make up and mobile phones in addition to items of jewellery.

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