Ceiling Lights

A mounted ceiling light is common in almost every room of a home. They can range from being flush ceiling lights inset into the ceiling, a hanging rose on which a bulb and shade can be hung, or even chandeliers are popular in older houses to light up a room.

Ceiling lights for kitchen & bathroom can be bought in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. A ceiling light have the benefit of lighting up the whole room, including dark corners, with a single switch normally by the doorway. Lighting up a room quickly and brightly is always beneficial in a bathroom or kitchen that you may not spend too long in during each visit and need the room to be light as soon as you walk into it. A flush light fitting in the ceiling can give a smart, clean and modern feel and is a popular light fitting in home offices and bathrooms. Hanging roses are popular in living areas and bedrooms as different styles and sizes of shades can be installed depending on the homeowner's taste and style.

Traditional brands such as Phillips or cheaper ones such as Ikea are great at providing a ceiling light that is reliable, good quality, good value and long lasting. For something a bit more daring, Silly Gypsy sells ceiling light fittings at good prices that are traditional styles made contemporary with different colours. Its large multi coloured chandelier embraces the traditional chandelier style to act as a centre piece in a room and incorporate it with multiple colours to give it a very contemporary feel.

Light fittings can be bought in many high street stores as well as online sites. For a more unique light fitting there are many small boutique type shops that sell their products on mainstream sites such as Ebay and Amazon, while traditional style lights can be bought from almost anywhere including larger supermarkets. A quick internet search will provide you with lots of ideas if you are not sure what sort of light fitting would suit your room. If you are changing more than the bulb and the shade in your home then it is advisable to ask an electrician to install any new ceiling light for you to ensure it is fitted to current regulations.