Whether you are planning on going on a full summer holiday, a short break or even just embarking on a trip to the local shops to stock up on supplies, we have got you covered here at The Homewares Company. Our extensive range includes suitcases and shopping trolleys.

As with all of our ranges, the products within our luggage section are sourced carefully to ensure you are only offered the very highest in quality merchandise and the best in design, innovation and value for money.

One of the featured brands included in our range of luggage is Typhoon. With a name that is recognised across the globe as one of the very best in homeware design, Typhoon is most definitely a brand to be trusted. Typhoon branded products are recognised for their unique style and innovation. If you are looking for stylish products which make you stand out from the crowd, look no further than the range of items from Typhoon.

As a fine example, the Typhoon range of trolleys consists of products that are colourful and have a contemporary feel to them. They also benefit from a sturdy construction, being made from some of the hardest wearing materials available. Despite the strong construction, Typhoon trolleys still manage to be pleasingly light in weight, making them much easier to manoeuvre.

In recent years, the suitcase has become much more than just a means of carrying your personal belongings with you on holiday. This humble piece of equipment is now also a fashion statement. The range available here at The Homewares Company ticks all the boxes for the fashion-conscious tourist – it is modern, stylish, colourful and unique. Design and construction is also of a high quality, ensuring that all of these great products are of the long-lasting variety.