Bag Dispenser

Carrier bags are a must when shopping for food and drink. These days many people own one or more bags for life which are reused again and again until they reach the end of their natural life and are then replaced.

What do you do with the bags in between shopping trips? Where is a good place to store them, or do they just clutter up a drawer or shelf at the back of the cupboard?

Brands such as SimpleHuman design items such as a carrier bag dispenser which can neatly be installed on a wall, inside a cupboard door or at the back of a cupboard. They can be purchased in different sizes and the idea is that you feed carrier bags into the top of the dispenser to tidy them away and pull one out of the bottom or middle of the dispenser when you need to use one.

A wall mounted bag dispenser allows carrier bags to be easily accessible yet tidied away, when on the wall you can grab a bag at a moment's notice.

A carrier bag dispenser can be bought from many homeware stores both in store and online. They are great at tidying away the clutter of plastic carrier bags and ensure each bag only takes up as much space as it needs to.

With the easy option of being able to pull a bag out when you need it, there will be no more tales of opening drawers to find dozens of carrier bags popping out at you.

For the home user, bag dispensers can be bought that are quite small so almost unnoticeable in the kitchen. A dispenser that is around 40cm tall and 16cm wide will store over 100 carrier bags for you.

The dispensers weigh less than a kilo as well so are easy to install. Different colours can be purchased and the most popular colours are black or brushed silver. These give a modern snazzy look to your kitchen as well as providing a useful purpose.

Because of their lightness they can be installed inside kitchen cupboards as well as inside a cabinet door for ease of access.

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