Around the home, there are some items which simply can’t be lived without. Although ladders might not be the most glamorous of home items, they are something that cannot be overlooked. From compact ladders ideal for small spaces to the telescopic step ladders designed for larger jobs, at The Homewares Company we have everything required to reach those high shelves and second storeys. We are proud to stock the highest quality ladders from market leading names like Hailo, built to stand the test of time and to be safe for the family to use for many years to come.

There are lots of things to take into account when purchasing a ladder. First and foremost, the purpose for which it will be used is a key factor. Step ladders are perfect for use in the kitchen, especially folding ones which can most easily be stored. Likewise, a compact ladder is designed to be easy to keep indoors, taking up as small a space as possible for convenience and efficiency. Many modern homes are not known for having plentiful excess space, so having a product which can be kept in a small area is perfect. Telescopic and rolling ladders have more specialist applications in and around the home.

Secondly, it is important to think about the height and weight of the main user. Many people fail to take this into account when purchasing their home ladders and as a result are at risk of an injury. All ladders are designed with a maximum weight limit, to which the metal framework and struts have been tested. Beyond this weight, the manufacturer cannot guarantee its safety. Fortunately, most manufacturers set their maximum weight limits well above the average UK weight but nonetheless it is better to be safe than sorry.

Our team of advisors at The Homewares Company are always on hand via our website and happy to offer any assistance to customers who are unsure which kind of ladder might be most suitable for their needs. With quality products and excellent service as standard, we know that our competitive prices and wide range of items offer something for everyone.

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