Shoe Racks

Shoes: a girl’s best friend and an essential part of every outfit, from the prettiest stiletto heels through to the height of practicality, they’re something that everyone wears. Storing them, however, can be a little more problematic. Some people choose to try and hide their shoes away in a cupboard, others in a line by the doorway. The best option, though, is to make storing shoes an integral part of the household routine. This is where shoe racks come into their own. Available in a range of styles and designs to co-ordinate with everyone’s interior decor and preferences, keeping shoes neatly aligned helps to make the home tidy.

Locating a 2 tier wooden shoe rack by the door means that when any of the family members return, it is immediately obvious what should happen. The days of discarded trainers in the hallway or shoes in every room of the house are long gone. By making it as easy as possible to stay organised, friends and family will find it natural to comply. Even children quickly learn there is an obvious place for their shoes to be left and start to pick up the positive habits which will endure into adulthood.

In addition to these two tier racks, we also have 4 tier wooden shoe racks. Larger than the others, these are ideal for bigger families or those who regularly entertain guests. The four tier capacity offers enough room to hold more than ten pairs of shoes in adult sizes, plus additional shoes in children’s sizes too. Some people use these by their door as with the smaller racks, whilst others have this as their secondary storage unit in a bedroom cupboard. In this arrangement, the shoes which are not worn on a regular basis can remain neatly stored and easily accessible, on display and easy to find when needed.

No matter the needs of our customers, at The Homewares Company we are committed to offering the products which will suit them best. Whether looking for pine finishes or a darker stain, tall racks or short, we know our range will offer something for everyone.

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