Irons, Boards & Covers

Irons, boards and covers are important accessories for your home, vital for achieving a smart look for clothes and ironing creases and rumples out of fabrics. Ironing boards are necessary to iron your clothes on to keep them flat, while ironing board covers protect the board and give a soft surface for your materials, which is especially important for delicate fabrics.

The irons available here include the Tefal Superglide Anti-Scale Steam Iron which comes in purple with 2200 watts and has a range of features including an ultraglide sole plate, four second refill, stable heel for security, anti-scale properties and anti-drip design. This Tefal iron is ideal for any home and gives a solid performance whatever the fabric of your clothes, with its specialist ultraglide sole moving across materials with ease to remove creases in seconds.

The anti-scale qualities mean that your iron will not scale up so you can be sure of enjoying the best in ironing performance, whatever the environment. The anti-drip feature also means your clothes will not receive any drips as you iron, enabling you to control the dampness of your materials. Safety is important while ironing and the stable heel feature means your iron is more secure as it stands waiting to be used and cannot be knocked over easily.

An alternative iron is the blue and white Tefal Freemove cordless iron, which is another master creation from iron experts, Tefal. This product is ideal for using in small spaces as it is cordless so the user is free to move around the ironing board without the cord getting in the way, while the performance is equal to a 2400 watt model. The base recharges the iron in seconds, while the steam function is trigger controlled and variable for improved efficiency.

The steam delivery of the Tefal Freemove is up to 150g a minute, which means your clothes can benefit from a powerful steam injection to remove even the most stubborn creases from the toughest of fibres. As this is totally controllable by a simple trigger you can easily adjust the amount of steam to achieve the desired effect.

Ironing boards are all easy to store and move, while their simple assembly means you can take your ironing anywhere. Collapsible in seconds, it is simple to put your ironing board away in the corner of the room, ready for when you need it. The choice of ironing board covers means you can match it to suit your kitchen, whether you want neutral hues or bright bold patterns, covers are a great way to add some personality to your laundry room.