Cooling Racks

A kitchen which is well-equipped is a joy to work in. It goes without saying that having everything to hand when it is needed makes preparing and serving a meal or baking cakes so much easier.

Cookery can be fraught and tempers become frayed if things go wrong. Bringing a hot casserole dish from a high temperature oven or hob to rest on a worktop can irreparably damage the surface and, ultimately bring about expensive and time consuming repairs.

Stocking the kitchen with racks and trivets to avoid such damage is important and it is essential to keep them handy, placing them where they are needed before anything hot is around.

Cooling racks also enable air to circulate around the container, thus helping the food to cool more evenly and rapidly.

Wire cooling racks are handy when it comes to cooling fairy cakes, jam tarts or other tasty culinary creations. They are easy to wash and store and are lightweight. Keeping a stack of them is a sensible option as one is rarely enough.

If the time of year calls for the preserving of fruit or vegetables or jam or chutney making, it is a good idea to invest in a pan rack which can fit in the bottom of the saucepan or preserving pan that is going to be used.

Made by the famous company, Kilner this pan rack is great for keeping jars and bottles off the floor of the pan when sterilising them and also doubles up as a trivet if necessary.

These racks can also be used when steaming puddings when it is important to keep the bottom of the pudding basin clear of the steamer. The basin can sit firmly on the rack and will not move whilst the water bubbles rapidly during the steaming process. This will ensure an evenly cooked pudding which has not ‘caught’ by being too near the heat source.

As with any kitchen equipment it is worthwhile investing in the best which can be afforded. This will mean lasting service and reliability for many years which is something every savvy cook would like.

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