Microwave Cookware

Microwaving is simply the quickest and easiest way to prepare your food, and it makes great eco-sense too. Did you know that microwaving your food uses up to 66% less in energy than conventional cooking? That makes sense for you, and for the planet. With energy bills showing no signs of lowering in the near future, more people are finding that microwaving makes good economic sense.

Eco-Chef microwave cookware has taken this eco-friendly way of cooking one step further, allowing you to be even more of a green chef. As the leading manufacturer of microwave food containers, they know that customers want a durable and hard wearing product. Eco Chef microwave dishes have a five year guarantee, which gives you peace of mind, and saves you money. Low quality containers will split and shatter after a year or two of use, but Eco Chef products are extra tough, and completely dishwasher safe.

Another problem that can be a concern to customers is the tendency for microwave containers to stain, which make them appear unsightly, however clean they are. Eco Chef addressed this problem and their products are specially designed not to stain, unlike others on the market.

With our modern busy lifestyles, it is not surprising that microwaving food has remained so popular. This does not mean it is unhealthy. Microwave cooking is actually healthier than many other types of cooking. Did you know that when you microwave your food, you are preserving a higher number of nutrients than you would by steaming or grilling? Microwave cooking has long been known as a healthy way to cook food, but it is only becoming clear just how healthy in recent years. Boiling can leech out nutrients from vegetables, but those cooked in a microwave will retain them.

One of the most popular items we supply are microwave plates, and microwave steamers. The rice and vegetable steamer is in constant demand, as people discover the joy of perfect rice, every time. Why not experiment with a fish steamer too? Steamed fish is one of the healthiest meals you can cook. If you want breakfast in a hurry, try the microwave egg poacher, which will poach two eggs for you in just a couple of minutes. Put some baked beans in your Eco chef microwave saucepan, and you have a delicious breakfast to start the day, in just moments.

Eco Chef's products are manufactured entirely in the UK.