Woks & Stir Fry Pans

We stock a large and varied range of woks and stir fry pans here at the Homewares Company. Woks have become an essential piece of kitchen kit in both the home and commercial locations. Used for stirring up healthy, low fat, Asian dishes, the wok is popular in both family home cooking and professional chef’s kitchens.

Our range of woks and stir fry pans includes mini options for small meals or side dishes to medium sized pans suitable for family meals. We also sell large woks which can be used for family get togethers or commercial purposes. We sell a choice of non-stick and cast iron woks which are all highly durable. Using a wok allows you to cook food quickly at a high temperature in a way that retains the flavour of the vegetables and the tenderness of meat and fish.

Woks are traditionally used in Asian cooking and are thought to originate from Ancient China. They are used in the UK not only for Asian dishes but have also been found to be perfect for scrambled eggs, deep frying and even making stews. As well as woks we stock wok sets and wok accessories such as lids. Our wok sets feature a lid and temperature rack as well as handy wooden cooking utensils.

Our most popular wok manufacturer is Typhoon, a British company well known for its East meets West philosophy. The larger, professional Typhoon non stick wok choices have been created with ease in mind and come with a useful stay cool side handle. Typhoon also created the sloped side wall for some of their woks which make tossing and turning food even easier. Typhoon is well-known for its combination of stylish design and durable, high quality materials.

Typhoon produce their signature woks which are sleek looking products with a black handle as well as their Ching woks which have a more rustic Asian look with their wooden handles. Built to last, a Typhoon wok is an essential kitchen friend. Our wok collection includes a cast iron wok set with lid from Swiss company Kuhn Rikon, well known for their stylish quality cookware.