Our cookware ranges offer everything your kitchen needs to serve up masterpiece after culinary masterpiece. From saucepans and frying pans to bakeware lines that go inside the oven, you can find something to suit your needs from our selection.

Can the cookware really improve the standard of your cooking? Yes, it can! The material you choose for your cookware has an effect on its performance because of its thermal conductivity, and that also impacts the price. We stock ranges from professional cookware standards through to first-timer pans suitable for students or occasional cooks. There is non-stick technology available across the kitchen cookware sets, in baking trays, roasting dishes and pans.

For some, the aesthetics are the most important part of their cookware. Perhaps they are on display when not in use. Our ranges include modern stainless steel lines and cast iron enamel cookware, which is great for dishes that need to be cooked in the oven. Some of our designers have also produced a range of oven to table cookware that saves on the washing up!

Pots and lids can be made from the same material, but if you have chosen a pot that conducts heat well, beware when you touch the lid; make sure you have some quality oven gloves. Plastic, Bakelite, and even wood, are good materials for a non-conducting lid.

Look for an ‘overcook edge’, which is a design feature that prevents condensation that collects on the inside of the lid from dripping off when the lid is handled.

Our range serves up the latest in modern designs and technology alongside all the classics and kitchen essentials. You’ll find brands such as Jamie Oliver, Tefal and Thermos on these pages, all waiting for you to browse and find the perfect cookware for your kitchen, however skilled a chef you are.

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