Scales and Measures

Having a modern, well equipped kitchen is something we all take for granted today. With the current popularity of home-baking most kitchens are probably better equipped than ever before with gadgets and gizmos gleaming and anticipating use.

Decor in the kitchen has become as important as any other room in the house and colour can be introduced into a neutral coloured kitchen by means of bright, vibrant cookery aids.

Basic equipment is all that is necessary to conjure up delicious items of culinary delight and this should start with a set of measuring spoons and some scales.

Getting the measurements right will always guarantee success, so accurate measuring equipment is essential and they needn’t break the bank.

Electronic kitchen scales make measuring so much easier. Popping a bowl on them and adding ingredients as you go makes cooking a breeze. This “add and weigh” method means less mess and certainly more accuracy in measuring and the scales are much easier to keep clean too as being flat, they only require a quick wipe over.

For the easy reading of measured ingredients a set of digital kitchen scales is a must. Accuracy is spot-on as well and ingredients can be added a little at a time for ease and convenience.

However, if it’s retro chic in your particular kitchen then a set of classic vintage or retro style scales by Typhoon will certainly make their mark. These have a large stainless steel pan which is shaped for easy pouring and come in a range of colours to match and complement any kitchen.

The large circular measuring gauge is calibrated in both imperial and metric measurement and is clear and easy to read.

However, sometimes a recipe will call for a teaspoon or tablespoon of a certain ingredient and this is where it’s essential to have a set of measuring spoons to hand. The Zyliss set is shaped like a long oval and can fit easily into narrow jars and bottles. They measure quarter teaspoon, half teaspoon, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon and are ring-locked together for convenience. They certainly take the guesswork out of baking.

Equipping the kitchen with these elegant and useful items will provide the basic building blocks to a modern, convenient room.

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