Cool Bags

With a hot summer predicted, there’s no better time to invest in a quality cool bag to carry your drinks and snacks in style, guaranteeing they will stay fresh, cool and delicious however high the mercury soars. We have lots of great options from the best brands names in the business that will cover all your cool bag needs.

Whether you need a cooler ideal for thirsty and peckish picnickers, a large capacity solution or something funky to suit the kids, our carefully selected range of superior products will let you keep your cool, whatever the weather.

For style and convenience on the move, why not consider one of our trendy tote or on-trend messenger-style bags. Combining functionality with sleek good looks, you’ll be able to cater on the go with style. Or perhaps one of our selection of traditional picnic cool bags will suit your purpose, with their large capacity and multi-purpose functionality.

It’s important to keep our school age children well hydrated at school, so select a trendy flask or bottle cooling wrap, great for busy kids on the go and perfect teamed with a compact lunch box.

To keep food and drink items in your existing bags and boxes, stock up on our range of freeze boards which are an excellent, innovative alternative to conventional ice packs which are often prone to leaking. Available in several sizes, just pop a freeze board into your packed lunch or picnic and it will stay fresh and delightfully cool for hours.

We stock products from some of the best known and trusted brands. Thermos has long been synonymous with flasks and the range of Thermos cool bags are equally well designed and long lasting.

Gourmet Getaway is the absolute gold standard in the industry, and their products are all beautifully finished with a real emphasis on functionality.

Present Time is known for their funky and always contemporary take on a whole variety of quality home ware products, and their range of cooling solutions is no exception.

Built Hobo bags are cleverly ergonomically designed for ultimate ease of transportation, and are made from handy machine washable neoprene, keeping your hot items hot, and your cold ones cold.

Whatever your needs, from picnic carriers to lunch boxes, from can coolers to freeze boards, we have the ideal solution for you.