Food Containers

One thing which is important in any home is the correct storage of foodstuffs. It is something which has to be done to ensure tip-top freshness of goods once they have been unpacked.

Today’s modern kitchen is a place of style and colour and there is absolutely no reason to assume that this theme should not be carried on in the essential business of keeping dry foodstuffs fresh and as good as the day they were opened.

Some of the most stylish and modern designs of food containers are available from world famous company Typhoon. They recognise the need for style and colour in the modern kitchen and when it comes to food and drink storage they come up trumps.

Food containers could be boring, but the vintage tea, sugar and coffee tins by Typhoon will look great on any shelf or worktop. Their vintage, classic lines combine yesterday’s look with modern technology. Manufactured in steel with an enamel coating, the lid has a silicone seal which will keep contents fresh.

Big sister to the tea and coffee tins is the matching large storage canister which will keep over three litres of flour or other dry ingredient as fresh as when opened. Having two, one for self raising flour and one for plain, is a sensible approach to storage and so stylish too.

For a different look which conjures up all that is stylish about the east and the orient, take a look at Typhoon’s great Ching range which is just perfect for food and drink storage.

These Chinese storage canisters are manufactured from porcelain and bamboo and are available in red or blue to give a touch of the exotic to any kitchen. They come in two sizes, small and large and are refreshingly different with their innovative look.

It is always the little things which are noticed and getting these right in the kitchen is every bit as important as in any other room. Little touches make all the difference and having storage tins which match decor and are stylish as well as functional will be admired and copied. It is a great way of standing out from the crowd and making a statement all your own.