Books & Book Stands

Cooking and baking is seeing somewhat of a renaissance at the moment, and if you are following the trend, you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen looks the part.

Our range of recipe books and stands will help make sure that you are ready to create anything from a hearty roast for the family through to tasty sweet treats for a children’s party.

Adding a cookery book stand to your equipment list is essential if you want to keep your books looking fresh and clean. Just lying a book open on the counter while you cook is a recipe for mess and a ruined book in no time - splashes and drips are inevitable.

Instead, pick a book stand from our range and protect your baking books from splatters. We stock various designs to suit your taste and style, and the decor of your kitchen, from traditional country kitchen, shabby chic, through to ultra modern, sleek designs.

We stock classic brands such as Typhoon, who design timeless holders for your books. The Vintage range, for example, is made from enamel colour coated steel, making it a very robust addition to any kitchen. It folds flat for when you’re not using it, and there are even three tabs for if you are taking on a three course meal so you can flick easily between starter, main course and dessert recipe pages.

Our products are well made and sturdy, ready to hold even the fattest of cook books. Using one of our stands allows you to keep both hands free to concentrate on the task of mixing, stirring, kneading or chopping, and keeps the relevant page open for you to follow a recipe. Many will even hold a tablet or e-reader if that’s where your recipes are.

As well as holding your books for you to enable you to work and read, our range of stands also keeps your recipes out of harm’s way, far enough away from the ‘splash zone.’ The book stands will fold away, but they also look great as an elegant and practical addition to your worktop.