When spending time and money on upgrading your kitchen, the small things can almost become forgotten about. Items such as new work surfaces, cupboard doors and other large furniture can easily overshadow the minutiae of the rest of the kitchen. Even if you are not overhauling the rest of your kitchen, a nice way to bring an updated feel to the space is to replace some cutlery, along with other utensils.

Kitchen cutlery can often be some of the most frequently used equipment within the kitchen, but it is often some of the least replaced. Much of this comes down to the long lasting and sturdy nature of the equipment, as your knives & forks don't shatter when dropped onto the kitchen floor. It can be easy to lose cutlery, as it is taken out for picnics or to work with the leftovers for lunch, meaning you are short of forks or knives, but reluctant to replace and leave yourself with mismatched utensils in your drawer. Likewise, a fork with bent prongs or knives with slightly wonky blades will be kept hold of, just in case.

Investing in kitchen cutlery sets is often a task that only happens when it is absolutely necessary, but the impact that it can have on your eating pleasure can not be understated. Present Time have created a charming set of cutlery which plays upon the mismatched nature of many people's eating irons. This set of stainless steel cutlery has mismatched plastic handles in a range of designs, featuring a variety of solid colours and eye-catching patterns.

For younger diners, Aladdin have manufactured a set of plastic cutlery, which comes in a handy carrying case, ideal for tucking away in your bag when you take your family out for a meal. The issue of restaurants only having grown up cutlery disappears almost immediately, providing you with the opportunity to keep your little ones happy when they eat out!

A set of new knives can help to make food preparation a doddle. With stainless steel blades and bakelite handles, these knives are safe to go into the dishwasher, and even come with a matching set of scissors, and a block to help keep the blades from going dull.