Kitchen Composting

Kitchen composting does not have to be a messy business with a super stylish caddy that stores waste cleanly and even minimises smells.

The Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Compost Caddy in summer blue has a traditional look that would not have seemed out of place in kitchens of days gone by, but its use is anything but old fashioned. In modern Britain, most people now collect their food waste for composting but many do not want to store the ugly green or plastic containers provided by their local authority on their kitchen counters. This is the perfect solution, either for you or as an unusual but attractive and practical gift for someone else.

This item from the Summer House Blue Vintage Kitchen meets a very relevant and modern need for worktop compost bins, whilst still reminding you of items that you may once have seen in your grandparents’ kitchens. It offers a very healthy 2.5 litre capacity and has a plastic liner, which is quick and simple to keep clean. The Compost Caddy also incorporates a carbon filter that will effectively neutralise odours from your food waste.

Taking care of the environment and managing household waste has never been more attractive. Now it is possible to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill sites without having to compromise on style. There have been many complaints voiced about the number of waste containers the modern trend in recycling and responsible waste management requires, but this is one caddy that no one will mind having in their home. The steel caddy, coated in an attractive blue enamel, is the perfect shape and size to fit on most kitchen work surfaces, measuring 23cm tall, 21cm in length, and 18cm wide.

The Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Compost Caddy, with its useful and stylish carrying handle, is available for home delivery. Choose the standard option for delivery within three to five working days or there is a next day service for those who might need the caddy sooner, perhaps to give as a housewarming, wedding, or birthday gift. There is also the opportunity to nominate a week day for delivery to ensure that someone will be home when your caddy arrives.

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