Oven Gloves & Aprons

If your current pair of oven gloves or your kitchen apron is looking a little worse for wear, there are a great many options for you to choose from when it comes to purchasing new ones.

While the vastly different worlds of fashion and cooking might not be the most obvious of bedfellows it’s becoming increasingly easy to find cute, stylish or even downright outrageous patterns and designs in the world of culinary accessories. Whether you want your average style of oven mitt or a pair of gloves with fingers, a personalized apron or a kid’s version to encourage your children to get their hands dirty in the kitchen, you are guaranteed to find an item to suit your requirements.

Gloves and kitchen aprons are usually very inexpensive and can be bought everywhere from your local supermarket to department stores, and websites. If you’re going for substance over style, opt for a pair of “heavy duty” or seamless silicone gloves; cute floral options and pretty, feminine aprons to match are also on offer.

Personalized aprons are always a winner, especially with men who fancy themselves something of a whizz in the kitchen or, alternatively, aren’t afraid to poke fun at their culinary skills. Some of the slogans that come emblazoned on custom aprons include “Real Men Cook” and “I have a PhD, how hard can this be?” You can also pick up cute and functional children’s smock aprons, many of them made in a machine washable fabric with two centre pockets.

When it comes to selecting a new pair of gloves it is advisable to choose a pair made with silicone or Kevlar as they offer better water resistance and grip, while padded options help to protect your hands from the heat of the oven. Whether you veer towards fingerless styles or oven gloves with fingers is entirely a matter of personal preference as both are equally effective, though the version with fingers may offer a more secure grip on pot and pan handles.