Roll Holder

Having some kitchen roll to hand in your house is a must for most people. With the ability to mop up spills quickly or being useful to mop up excess oil from things that have been fried, the myriad of uses for this household staple are well known. A few years back, most houses would have had a kitchen roll holder in the kitchen to house this useful piece of kit, but in recent times, this has declined.

Keeping your kitchen roll in a holder will not just help your kitchen to look more tidy and organised, but it will also help to prolong the life of your kitchen roll. If your kitchen roll is usually placed directly on the counter top, and you spill liquid in the close vicinity, you risk ruining the entire roll, a problem that is almost entirely eliminated with a holder.

There are basically two types of holders, free standing and wall mounted. Each has their own benefits, making it important to weigh up the specific requirements of your kitchen before you make a decision over which you plump for.

A wall mounted kitchen roll holder is ideal for people who have limited counter space within their kitchen. Putting the holder directly onto the wall means that you are reducing the amount of items that are needed to be placed on the counter top itself, freeing up space for food preparation. Similarly, this style also lends itself to use in kitchens where a minimalist design is desired, regardless of the space implications. The fact that the roll holder keeps your kitchen roll in a handy position for use with one hand is also useful when you are working.

The Novo kitchen towel holder is available in both red and cream, and is free standing. Its weighted base is very useful when it comes to tearing off kitchen roll with one hand, and has a striking design. Whichever colour you choose it would look great within most kitchens, and would help to keep your kitchen towels very close to hand. Within a larger kitchen, it can be very helpful to move your roll dispenser around to where it is needed.

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