Every cook, whether you are a rank amateur or budding professional, needs to ensure they have at least one good knife, or if they are lucky enough, a whole set of knives, to enable them to handle food preparation with ease. Other 'knife related' food preparation items include apple corers, knife sharpeners and knives for dealing with specific types of food items.

If it is a knife block set that you are looking for then there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. The Victorinox Classic Bamboo knife block contains 5 of the most essential cook's knives which have a 25 year guarantee and are all capable of being stored together in a block made of eco friendly bamboo. An alternative is the colourful knife and knifeblock set which contains a five piece set of knives in a variety of bright colours, capable of being stored together in a black acrylic block.

For individual kitchen knives, there are many available from all of the leading brands. Individual knives such as paring knives, bread knives and filleting knives made by Victorinox all have a smart black handle and stainless steel blade while the equivalent knives and kitchen knife sets from Kuhn have a non-stick carbon steel blade as well as a blade cover which enables the blade to remain protected when not in use. Their knives are also available in a variety of colours. Knives made by Zyliss tend to be for a more specialised purpose such as their melon slicer or lettuce knife, however they do also make more traditional kinds of knives such as bread knives. All their knives have ergonomically designed handles and come in a range of vibrant colours complete with blade covers.

In addition to knives there are a variety of other bladed kitchen implements that cooks will find useful including apple corers. The apple corer by Kuhn Rikon is a knife, a peeler and a corer all in one design. The apple shaped handle accommodates the knife while the peeler is suited for the right or left handed. If you are looking for a simpler apple corer then the Jamie Oliver Twist-n-Slide apple corer does just that. Available in black with a stainless steel shaft it easily removes apple cores and is dishwasher friendly. To make sure your knives are in good working order you will need a sharpener such as the Victorinox Rubicut Ceramic Sharpener or the Jamie Oliver Keep It Simple Knife Sharpener.