Knives, Scissors & Accessories

The Homewares Company provide a wide range of knives and scissors from a selection of high-quality and professional-standard brands. We sell a range of products from famous brands such as Victorinox, Kuhn Rikon and Zyliss, which are trusted by thousands of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts around the world.

Our comprehensive selection of knives and scissors includes a range of chefs knives of all types, shapes and sizes. The Homewares Company can provide professional knives for every purpose, from carving large joints of meat to finely chopping herbs. Common types such as bread knives and paring knives are included, as well as more specialist products such as strawberry knives. We can also provide a range of knife sets, with or without knife blocks, to easily ensure that a kitchen is well-equipped with new, reliable, high-quality equipment.

Some of our more specialist products include ceramic-bladed and plastic-bladed knives. These are largely designed for use with vegetables such as lettuces which will brown when cut with a metal blade. We stock professional-standard plastic and ceramic-bladed knives in a variety of shapes and sizes for use with different types of vegetables and foods. They also boast cheerful, colourful designs that will brighten up your kitchen.

We also stock a selection of high-quality accessories. Like all our products, these come from high- quality brands and are suitable for the demands of professional use or domestic use by real enthusiasts. These include knife sharpeners from trusted brands like Victorinox and Jamie Oliver, as well as knife guards for safer storage when not in use.

We can also provide a range of specialist related products. Our range includes a broad selection of quality apple corers, vegetable peelers, melon slicers and pizza cutters. These highly specific yet extremely useful items come from the same quality brands as the other products in our range, guaranteeing high performance and reliability in even the most demanding kitchens.