Jam & Preserve Making

Jam making is on the comeback. More and more people are rediscovering the pleasures of growing and picking their own fruits and preserving them. Home made jam tastes better and is better for you as there are no hidden preservatives or hidden flavour enhancers. If you are an experienced home preserver then you will know that you need some basic equipment before you can begin making your own jams.

Probably the most important piece of jam making equipment is the jam making pan. Without one of these you will struggle to produce enough preserve to make the process worth your while. The traditional jam pan, and one that is still in production today is the stainless steel pan. This has to be the stalwart of any jam making kit and a Kilner Steel Pan can hold up to eight litres of liquid. It also has a handle and a pouring lip. The pan also has measuring marks to help the cook and can be used on all types of cooker including gas and halogen.

Once you have made the jam you are faced with the challenge of getting it into the jars. Another essential item of jam making equipment is the funnel through which the jam can be poured. The Kilner mini funnel is made from stainless steel and is reasonably priced.

To complete you basic set of jam making supplies you would do well to purchase a jam making kit. The Le Parfait Starter Preserving Starter Kit comes with four jars, a simple recipe book, jar labels and rubber seals. The kit comes in a gift box so can be used as a present for someone starting off in the world of home preserves. To complement the kit why not purchase some cellophane discs and bands so that the cook can expand on their range of jams. A cellophane disc is the traditional seal for a jar of homemade jam and the Kilner Cellophane Disc pack provides one hundred discs and bands.

This is just a small sample of the range of jam making essentials available to the jam maker and the collection can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Always start with the basics and remember that practice and a good recipe are all that is needed on top.