Cutlery & Tableware

Spending time with friends and entertaining at home is becoming just as popular as eating out, so make sure your table looks the part. It’s the little details that can make all the difference, so check out our tableware sets as a starting point.

Our range includes some of the biggest brands around, like Typhoon and Global, and includes many products from kitchen cutlery through to steak knife sets, and more specialist cutlery like rice spoons or chop sticks.

The award winning Global knives are celebrated around the world by both professional chefs and family cooks. Typhoon kitchenware has a lovely vintage feel, right on trend at the moment, as seen in any number of the current cookery television shows. Their products give a great sense of nostalgia and a feeling of baking with Grandma that is as comforting as the cakes you might make.

Cutlery and tableware are a great wedding list classic because a quality set will last a lifetime, perhaps even becoming an heirloom, especially if they are hand-crafted. As such, they are a great gift option, for any occasion - starting student life or moving into a first home.

Many of our sets are covered by a significant guarantee. Stainless steel sets are dishwasher safe, though cannot be used in a microwave. Our sets start at 16 pieces and go right up to 44 pieces, and most are very easy on the wallet - great value for money. The stainless steel comes brushed or polished, depending on the finish you prefer and how shiny you like your utensils.

A tradesman makes sure he has the best tools he can find, so too should cooks. Why stop there? Why not make sure your cutlery & tableware is of the highest quality? Just because it is something you will be using every day does not mean you have to go short on style.

We have practical, every day sets, but we also stock ranges with that little something special, if that’s what your occasion calls for. Whatever your taste, we have something to suit, from contemporary and modern through to classic and traditional.