In The Kitchen

In The Kitchen

The current craze for baking and all-things-cooking is encouraging home bakers to kit the most important room in the house out with the very best in contemporary kitchen equipment.

Style is as important as functionality and Mason Cash come up trumps here with their classic range of cook and prep ware.

Jamie Oliver’s range features classy design combining comfort and ease of use and includes worktop favourites such as breadbins and chopping boards. On television Jamie is always fun and edgy and this transfers to his range of cookware which is made for the modern kitchen.

Victorinox have been making Swiss army knives for years, but they are also famed for professional kitchen equipment such as scissors and sharpeners. They also manufacture a complete range of chef’s knives and knife sets which would grace any modern kitchen.

Like any job, food prep is made much easier if the correct tools are used. Zyliss products are colourful and strong and range from cutting boards, to garlic presses to apple corers.

And don’t forget classic Kilner and their range of chunky clip top jars and preserving equipment to ensure jam making and preserving is a doddle. Their jars look good on display too, so these pieces of contemporary kitchen equipment can give that warm, comforting, but modern look every kitchen should have.

Weighing ingredients accurately is essential for any successful recipe and Typhoon certainly hit the mark with their range of retro and digital scales. They will grace any worktop with their colourful good looks and edgy style.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so keeping it stylish as well as functional can stamp individual style and colour upon it, making it a unique and contemporary workspace.