Jamie Oliver

In addition to being one of the World's best known chefs, Jamie Oliver is a TV personality and best-selling author. He also produces his own range of cookware which is widely used in restaurants and home kitchens. Jamie has transformed the way many of us cook and eat, proving that cooking is easy and inspiring an entire generation to ditch pre packaged food in favour of freshly prepared meals.

Jamie Oliver has a hands on approach to his cookware and looks for new materials and styles to improve the cooking experience for his customers. He has teamed up with Tefal to develop a range of top quality, versatile cookware that will appeal to everyone from aspiring chefs to occasional home cooks. The range includes hard wearing pots and Tefal pans suitable for all cooking styles to inspire creativity in the kitchen. Jamie Oliver Tefal pans come in a range of materials including cast iron, aluminium and enamel. All pans have a special coating for high scratch resistance.

Cast Iron pots and pans retain heat and deliver the ultimate cooking experience for budding chefs everywhere. Enamel is long lasting and great for everyday cooking while stainless steel is great value and suitable for all hob types.

When it comes to whipping up a fried egg or tossing a perfect pancake, a good non-stick frying pan is an essential kitchen item. Jamie Oliver frying pans are available in enamel and stainless steel and are long-lasting and durable. Preheating your frying pan to the correct temperature is the secret behind perfect cooking. The Tefal non-stick frying pan has a distinctive red spot, which indicates when the pan is hot enough, enabling you to sear your steak to juicy perfection.

Jamie Oliver Cookware is known for its exceptional quality. It is also good value in the long run because it is manufactured to last.